How Can I Participate?

 Guidelines for Participating Communities

For those communities who desire to participate in  “Face to Face” there are some general guidelines that can help you prepare and determine if you are ready to go through this time of consecration process:

  • This is a corporate consecration of the church, individual congregations or ministries cannot go through on their own. The Divine Experiment is based on 2 Chron 7:14 which is a corporate time of re-covenanting back to the Lord as His people in the community, therefore humbling ourselves before the Lord is a corporate, not just individual or congregation level issue.
  • Leaders who commit to the Divine Experiment must lead by setting a personal example by being totally committed to this process for 21 days, not delegating to others.
  • We ask that you are in agreement with the spirit and heart of the Divine Experiment as shared in the vision statement under “What is the Divine Experiment”.
  • We ask that most, if not all activities in the church are put on “pause” for 21 days in order to make room to see the Lord in renewed emphasis on prayer/worship/fasting etc. during this time.
  • Communication of testimonies both within the community and with Fusion Ministries is encouraged. Some of those testimonies will be shared on the website to encourage others about what God is doing.
  • A consultation with our team is required with the leaders of the community before the Divine Experiment is launched to provide understanding and context for the long-term journey of transforming revival. The Divine Experiment is not an end unto itself but an important first step in the preparation stage.

If you are interested in more information or desire to speak to somebody on our team about the Divine Experiment, please contact

It’s time to move from transformation theory to testimony, and from the experiment to experience in the United States. Let’s trust the Lord to take us deep into the preparation stage of transformation as we seek Him during this time of consecration.

With expectant hearts,

The Fusion Ministries Team