Norway Ministry Report 2017

Norway Ministry Report 2017

Norway Ministry Report 2017 150 150 Fusion Ministries

The week in Norway was easily one of the best weeks of my life. Why? Because the Lord allowed me to partner with Him to touch the heart of His Bride in the nation!  The highlight was the final evening session Friday night when the presence of the Lord descended on over 3,000 people, the altars were filled and Jesus allowed me to share His heart with His Bride from a place in the Spirit I have rarely experienced. I felt and the conference leaders agreed that night shifted the church in the nation. Having felt his love poured out on His Bride it renewed my own devotion – I was personally spiritually revived that week as He used me as a messenger of His heart.

When the video is uploaded on their Facebook page I will send it out to you. It was an amazing experience to watch the Lord love His Bride in a nation! It was also on live television and broadcast across Norway and is being viewed by thousands on the Facebook link so the Lord is “letting His word run swiftly” through the nation, He is jealous for His Bride!

The Oase conference is the largest conference in Norway. Oase is an organization that is bringing the Holy Spirit to the Lutheran church in Scandinavia. The people that gather are hungry for God!. Only 5% of Norway are born-again believers.

My book was published by YWAM and released at the conference and it broke all their previous records for book sales for new books – very exciting! The message of being desperate for God is coming at the right time and landing on prepared soil.

I did several TV and other interviews and a lot of book signing.

The national Christian TV broadcast the conference live and is promoting my book and interview about the book to stir the hunger for the presence of God!

Both main sessions and seminars were anointed and had such impact on the people, I was amazed at what the Lord did. He gave me a national platform to convey a clear word to His church – He wants to reveal His Bride and fill the nation with His glory!

He also fulfilled 2 words He gave me last year when I visited both Norway and Holland. In Norway He gave me a prophetic word for the nation that the refugees pouring into the nations of Europe would either influence and radical Islam would take over if the church was in a state of apostasy OR if the church was revived the refugees would come into revival and find Jesus.

The morning I left my hotel in Norway I met a precious elderly woman and her friend, a young Syrian who had been fighting ISIS in Aleepo. He had witnessed the beheadings, mass murder and his mom had been killed. As a refugee in Norway he encountered this dear woman and asked her to give him whatever she had that gave her so much peace. She did and he met Jesus a couple days before I met him in the hotel. When I looked into his eyes I saw bright light shining out of his eyes, I have never seen anything like it. He had come to the Friday night meeting the night before where I was preaching about the Kingdom, the church and the Bride. It was his first Christian meeting and he came down front and was filled with the presence of Jesus. What a joy! What a perfect last encounter and testimony before I left. What a kiss from the Lord to see the answer to the promise He spoke to us!

The 2nd word He released in Holland last May. He said He wanted to “gather His Bride, dress her and reveal her to the nation”. He did that last May in Holland and that is what He did in Norway!

When I left Norway on Saturday I flew to Amsterdam to visit the communities that are in the transformation process for a couple of days. It was such a sweet time and so encouraging to my heart! The Lord is moving in these communities!! The leadership team is doing great, they have solid foundation of vision, values, humility and brokenness. Other pastors from the city are joining them! The presence of God is increasing each week in their meetings. The church is growing! The church I preached in on Sunday the presence of the Lord came so strong I was crushed by it and ended up on the floor in the back of the room weeping as did many others – I couldn’t even preach my message.

Those are not normal things happening in the church in Holland where less than 4% of the people are born-again believers, pastors aren’t praying together, nothing is growing and there is little if any tangible presence of God.

We have a stake in the ground now with clear evidence and testimony for transformation in Europe! I will email you a separate file with the testimony of the 2 key pastors in Holland along with a testimony of a woman who is just on fire for God following their “Face to Face” process! God is moving!!

The Oase leaders have already asked me to come back a couple of times this year to meet with leaders across the nation of Norway to hopefully begin transformation processes as well as speak at next years conference. I will also be returning to continue to encourage the transformation process in Holland and have asked those pastors to join me to encourage the new move in Norway by sharing their story and testimony.

The Oase leaders in India have also invited me to speak at their annual conference in January with an audience of 15,000 plus follow up leadership training. I am prayerfully considering that assignment as well.

Please continue to pray for God to water the seeds that were sown, to speak to leaders hearts and for God’s glory to spread and His Bride to be revealed!