Face to Face Consecration at Orphanage!

20 children plus 6 staff/leaders are praying together every night.
At the consecration launch, the Lord began to reconcile relationships the first night!!
  1. One of the older boys God gripped his heart, his walk with Lord now is even impacting the staff! God is speaking through Him as he leads consecration meetings.  The prayer meetings are intense, kids on their faces praying and repenting for things they are doing wrong. Kids are face down, weeping intensely, surrendering to the Lord. Meeting lasts for two hours. The children understand the devotional. After the prayer meetings this teen leader goes back into his room and spends 2 more hours before the Lord in praye
  2. The kids and staff are broken over prayer guide points, staff changing their lives and hearts and confessing publically before the Lord and the children!
  3. The children prayed in another home for teenagers several nights for the consecration meeting. As they prayed, the leader shared that her family had been involved in the occult in the house where they were praying. She shared that she had never felt the presence of the Lord in it because of the oppression. She was amazed when she saw the children praying and felt the Lord’s presence. The children then anointed the house and rebuked all the demons. As they prayed a boy had a vision. God showed him two angels in the house, and showed him that they were worshipping with them!
  4. A 14-yr old girl who attends a Catholic school has become very uncomfortable at her school since she started the consecration process. She used to like her school even though she knew it was religious and not focused on Jesus. But now she feels and sees the difference. She doesn’t feel connected to her old friends anymore either. She asked her parents if she could change schools and she did! She also feels conviction to even leave friends because she wants more of Jesus!
  5. This week an elderly lady across the street from orphanage was beaten by teenagers and robbed. The incident made them nervous to take kids to prayer meeting down the road at another teen home that had started from the orphanage but in a rebellious spirit.. They sensed it was an important night and they went ahead to pray with the kids at the other home.. That night the leader of the other ministry was there and confessed hope that the Lord would reconcile the ministries and bring healing to them.
  6. The Lord is connecting the orphanage with other children’s ministries to begin to meet and pray together about raising up the children to pray and become an army for the Lord!
  7. One night a girl from Emmanuel that the staff have struggled with admitted to everyone that basically she didn’t have God in her heart but that the meetings have given her the desire to make that decision! We gathered around her and all prayed for her and I believe that Jesus entered her heart that night!
  8. This week one of the older boys was leading the consecration meeting. The devotional for that evening was focused on seeking God’s face. So they put on worship music and told the kids to seek His face. One by one the Lord touched each of the kids. They began raising their hands and worshipping te Lord. Then those who were being touched by the Lord formed a fire tunnel to pray for all the other kids to go through and receive prayer. So the kids lined up and got prayer. As they went through the Lord touched them and then they joined the tunnel praying for others! This continued for over an hour! They went through over and over. Some of the kids came back to the Lord, and all left having received something powerful from the Lord!!


Malachi 4:6 testimonies!

  1. One boy received a vision from the Lord. He saw himself holding Jesus’ hand in a beautiful garden. Jesus was leading him and as he looked down the road Jesus told him to “look” and when he did he saw two people. He asked Jesus who they were and as he looked closer he could see they were his parents! They were back together and walking towards him. Jesus told the boy that God wants to restore their marriage and bring unity to his family!
  2. A father who was attending church at the orphanage out of obligation. He had a dead stare, and mean look. This week God got ahold of him during a service, he is completely different! Smiling! He gave testimony that God got ahold of him, Jesus in his heart now! Kept hugging his son and sharing publically. He spent the whole afternoon playing soccer with his son….his son was really struggling with attitude and behavior, now has best behavior in whole home.
  3. Another night, we received another testimony regarding Malachi 4:6… a girl who was basically kidnapped and held by force by her own father after he got out of jail, taken away from the teen home and everything she had known to live by force with her dad who had very suspicious and perhaps harmful plans for her. It’s been several months since she was released, but during one of the meetings, she felt that God was telling her that it was time to forgive her father.

More Consecration Testimonies!

“One of the kids from the children’s home has been teaching a mother in the community how to read the Bible. During a church service, this mother came up to the microphone and shared her desire to read the Bible more, and to be a better mother by spending more quality time with her children. She also asked her son for forgiveness because she felt she had been too harsh on him. It was Malachi 4:6 in action.”

“I’m noticing a lot of change amongst the kids at the children’s home. Most of the teens used to keep to themselves and there was a great amount of unhealthy competition among them. Recently they have all been hugging each other and holding hands when they pray.  That’s not normal. Out of the 20 teens who have been coming to the services, we see 7 or so leaders emerging.

“We call Isaiah the preacher in a little package. He has a gift of preaching and teaching, and he really knows how to talk to the kids. He led one of our fasting & prayer meetings, and after he spoke a lot of teens came up to the front and got on their knees in repentance.

“Luis never used to get into worship, but recently I saw him in the back of the room pouring out his heart while singing praises to God. I’ve never seen him do that!

“Ricardo used to get into a lot of fights and lots of trouble. He now helps to lead the prayer meetings and is filled with passion as he prays.

‘There has recently been a teen music band started at the children’s home, and the young man who plays the drums is called to go overseas. Unfortunately, he often feels tied down because his mother has many physical needs that require his help. One evening he was unable to attend band practice, so I went to speak with his mother about the band. She was very receptive and released him to practice with the team. It was a glimpse of hope for this young man and that night God spoke to him in a dream saying, “You will go to Spain.” The encounter has given him hope that has changed even his physical countenance.’

‘There was a young man in our children’s home who was often getting into trouble. Last Saturday I walked into the house and he told me, “I did something crazy!” I prepared myself to hear the worst, but instead of confessing something he’d done wrong, he exclaimed, “I deleted all the songs on my phone!” I thought he was upset because he had deleted the songs by mistake, but he corrected me and said, “No I meant to do it. God told me that rock music was an idol in my life, so I deleted all my songs.” Now he’s listening to Christian music that glorifies God and edifies his spirit.’

“I used to behave wrongly in the sight of God. I did things I knew He didn’t like, and the only thing I ever prayed for was God’s forgiveness. I was always asking for that. Eventually, I went to live with my mom and began to drink, smoke, and party. Sometimes I wouldn’t even go back to my house at night. But one day I passed by a church and felt something really cool, so I went inside. I didn’t know anyone in the service, but I really liked it. I even cried. I was still partying, but I kept going to the services on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The pastor said many things that spoke to my heart. Every day that I went things continued to move in my heart. A couple months later I was completely changed. I didn’t want to go to the parties anymore. I realized that I don’t belong in those places and that I wouldn’t be able to be with God if I kept doing those wrong things. I began to give more of my life to God. Nothing monumental happened for me to do that. I just began to feel the love of God and I really liked it. Everyday I would give more and more of my life to God until the day came that I didn’t care anymore what people thought of me. It was more than cool!

“I heard that sons of God should be able to get along with one another and so I went to each person I had fought with and began to ask them for forgiveness. It was very difficult for me, but each time I asked for forgiveness I felt better. Then the fast started. I don’t want to speak bad about the teens. They’ve always been bullies and trouble makers. They criticize a lot, but I decided to ignore that and praise God. I began to give God all my heart and I realized that I was being a good influence on them. I just kept going disregarding what they thought about me. I want them to feel what I have felt from God. I try to encourage them every time I have a chance.”

“God told me a couple years ago that I need to understand God’s love. So I shared with the teens about that and told them that God wanted to speak to them. I asked them to sit quietly and ask God for a revelation of His love.

‘On another occasion, God told me to turn off the music. He said the kids were depending too much on it, so we turned off the music and turned up the lights. I started to speak to the kids and asked the question, “What god are you serving? Why are you here? Are you serving the god of music, comfort, etc.? Talk to God about this. He wants to hear from you.” Shortly after the exhortation, without the suggestion of any adult, the kids began to walk around the orphanage singing their own spontaneous songs to God! They realized it wasn’t about the music but about the condition of their hearts before God.’

“I believed that people could hear form God, but I always thought it was supposed to be difficult. One night He gave me a vision. In the church there are stairs. He was at the top and we were all at the bottom crying out to Him. He told me that He wanted us to do that because He would hear us. I realize now how important it is to hear God’s voice.

“I spent some extended time with God one night. I asked him to feel more of what he felt. I came to a verse in the Bible that spoke a lot of bad things about Jerusalem. Every time I opened the Bible it was talking about Jerusalem. But it was always bad things. One of the verses really impacted me. It was the one that talked about how Jerusalem was an unfaithful wife to God. Instead of Jerusalem I put Juarez in that place. I started to feel something I’ve never felt before. It wasn’t pretty. It was strong. It was anger. My hands began to shake and I began to pray. I didn’t realize it at the time but I realize now that God was letting me feel how He felt. God is really, really angry.

“One night when we were in the church I was crying out in prayer. We were asking for forgiveness and that He would give us another opportunity to be with Him. We realized that we were sinners, but also that we would be able to change. Yet we wouldn’t be able to do it without his help. Another young person read a verse about God forgiving Jerusalem. Then I realized that God would give us another opportunity if we would seek Him. I know God is going to use us to make changes throughout the world.”

“There is more than one children’s home in Juarez and, as a leader in one of them, I’ve had a desire to see an increase in unity between us. I have a good connection with kids from the various homes but not with many of the leaders. Recently I helped start a teen music band, and a boy from one of the other homes was participating. One of his adult leaders came looking for him and that gave me the opportunity to converse. It turns out that this leader has the same vision for unity that I do.”

“Normally it smells really bad here because the building where we live is right on a trash dump and there is an open sewage drain nearby. We were coming out of a fasting meeting, and I noticed that there was no stench in the air. Then I realized I hadn’t caught a whiff of that stench in a while. I asked someone with me if they could smell the stench that normally would have been almost overwhelming and they said, “No.”