“Desperate For His Presence” is a glimpse into God’s passion for His Bride and for His desire to inhabit communities with His manifest presence. This book contains keys of revelation into both the condition of the church in the Western World and also the hope for her destiny to become once again a counter-culture and radical change agent in our communities. Rhonda connects three critical realities: intimacy with Jesus, His presence being restored to the church and the transforming impact on a city. You will be encouraged, challenged and changed as you read this relevant message for the church today!

What people are saying about “Desperate For His Presence”:

“Desperate for His Presence is a book bringing fresh and unique revelation into God’s burning heart to bring cities into their sovereign destiny and purposes. Rhonda’s global perspective, genuine prophetic insights and firey devotion to Jesus make this book a hope-filled journey for the glorious habitation of God!”
Mike Bickle – Director of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City

“My spirit strongly resonates with approval as I wholeheartedly endorse the truths of this powerful book!”
Joy Dawson – Int’l Bible Teacher, Author

“What makes Rhonda Hughey’s book stand out is her refreshing – and critical – emphasis on Presence. Rhonda offers premises that are based on solid Biblical research, and illustrated with real-world case studies.”
George Otis, Jr. – President, Sentinel Group, Director Transformation Videos