Each message will encourage you through revelation and understanding of transformation that is in God’s heart, evidenced by transformation testimony happening in over 500 communities in the the nations. You will be inspired in your faith and vision to rediscover the Kingdom of God and to engage more fully in preparing your congregation and community for a habitation of God’s presence. As you grow in understanding of the urgency of the hour and what God has in mind it will reignite your prayer life to contend earnestly for the fullness of the Kingdom of God to come!

Set includes 4 CDs:

  1. An Overview of Redemptive History and Revival – Dr. Wes Adams
  2. An Introduction to the Theology of Presence-based Transformation – Rhonda Hughey
  3. Faith for the Fullness of God in Revival at the End of the Age – Dr. Wes Adams
  4. The Divine Confrontation of the Kingdom of God – Rhonda Hughey