Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, CA 150 150 Fusion Ministries

I have experienced a new place of strength and stamina. God has truly drawn closer as I have met Him face to face.

I testify, that on the first day of Face to Face, I had a great pain in the front of my head. But I knew it was an attack, to try to discourage me. But thank God, on the third day the pain went away miraculously. I am so grateful with God.

I used to be an idolater, but thanks to God, I am no longer an idolater. I no longer follow false gods.

I have fasted breakfast and dinner, including snacks. I have only eaten at lunch. I am not hungry. That is God. I would eat all the time, especially at night. Now, I hear God speaking more clearly. I am hearing more prophetic words. I have felt a closeness to the other leaders that is from God. This is only day 3, WOW!

Prior to starting the 21 day consecration that doctors told me that I had a developed a hernia, as a result of my pregnancy. As I started the consecration, the hernia kept getting bigger. It grew to be the size of my fist or the size of a lemon. On the morning of the fourth day of the consecration, as I was reading my devotional, I said to the Lord, “Lord Jesus, if you are the Doctor of doctors, remove this hernia”. I declare with faith, that the hernia that I had disappeared from my body. And the Lord filled my body with His love and I fell to the floor crying like a little girl. I cried and cried and the Lord told me, “No more hernia, no more pain”. And now, by the grace of God, I am healed.

Supposedly I have diabetes and have to be taking pills every day. But thank God for His grace, that I have not taken a pill in almost two weeks. And I feel wonderful, but I have a true God that can do everything.

God is revealing so many things to me! He has brought my husband back and me closer to Him and I just praise Him for His everlasting love.

I thank God for healing me of pain in my arm. And of a pain in my chest, that went through to my back. I ask God to take away these pains and the Lord God healed me. Glory to God.

The Lord is great. He always hears our prayers. I’ve been praying for my family members and my brother received Jesus as his Lord and savior.

This format of confessing my sins has been changing my life. I’m getting bolder in my prayer life and proclaiming my identity and warring against forces of darkness.