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Cleveland, OH

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As we met with our home church as a whole on Saturday night, we did FACE TO FACE together and it continued and flowed into the whole group bringing healing of relationships. Why is this breakthrough? Since October, 2013, our once home church group of 17 families dwindled down to 10 families as of Jan 1 all because no one saw the need to repent for their pride and didn’t see the need for repentance at all in our corporate prayer times. We have 100% participation of our home church group today (10 families). We realize God is calling us to breakthrough together into his presence to shift us more into His purpose! One of our women after 2 days of the fast and 15 years wrestling with God about her calling lead 2 people to the Lord.

Tuesday of week two we were over come with God’s Holiness. We went from crying to what I call “snotty crying” when stuff just flows and this case no one seemed to care or be embarassed because we knew it was God, there with us. Wednesday brought an overwelming sense of His love for us, and part of the way I measured the reality of this was how it manifested in participants spontaneously hugging one another at the end of our time. Thursday were just enjoyed His presence. Friday there was a sense of Him taking us really deep and being there with us.

I thank God for these 21 days of face-to-face with God. It’s been a milestone achievement in my spiritual walk. It set a momentum to propel me to a different scale of spiritual maturity. I’m blessed to experience what it meant to seek God face-to-face, the benefits of giving Him my time and attention, and what it takes to be changed from glory to glory in God’s presence. God’s presence is all I need and will ever delight in! To Christ be the glory! God bless Fusion Ministry!

Face to face was a huge learning experience for me in experiencing fasting, praying, seeking God’s face and learning to just exist in His presence. God showed me some really cool parts of my original design and I’m learning how to pray that all into my life. I am learning to be more reliant on Him for my future, growth, energy and everything else. I feel more equipped now to continue throughout life.

This time of fast has given me such a peace as well as given me the desire to spend more time with Him so that I don’t have to strive or worry.

21 days gave me a greater awareness of my need for God. Having served Jesus for many years now, I started to think I was ‘all right…not too sinful.’ This has truly been a wonderful reminder of how gracious our Savior is and how desperate I am in need of Him!

Since this 21 day consecration has started, I have been blessed with several answers to prayer. My sister has found a new church to call home, an answer to conflict within my marriage was provided, and my personal priorities are beginning to change. I am feeling God’s awesome power and movement in mylife. Praise God!

After Saturday’s TRANSFORMATION SEMINAR and attending Sunday night’s F2F launch, I asked my husband if we could postpone going to Arizona till this was finished. So we are still here. The life change for me is getting up before the day begins and having a quality time with the Lord before the interruptions creep in. I look forward to what God will now do in me and my family as I have now an expectant heart and more faith to believe God will work powerfully as I come to him on His terms and hear what He wants. Thank you for brining F2F here and I thank God for working in my heart.

Thank God for this week of face-to-face and the impact that it has had on my life. It is such a relief and freedom to confess and repent from my sins. As the Holy Spirit convicted me of the area of lies that needed repentance I felt a heavy load (burden) lifted over my shoulder and peace as lay these before God. Repentance unlocks the door to enter the most Holy place where God reveals to me His wisdom and love.

I received the gift of tongues on the 2nd day of my fast! PTL!