Council Bluffs, IA

Council Bluffs, IA

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The Divine Experiment launched in Council Bluffs on January 7th! You could feel both the anticipation and the sobriety as you entered into the sanctuary where several hundred believers had gathered together! Each pastor shared his heart and expectation of why they were abandoning themselves to this process and how the Lord had already knit their hearts together in prayer over the last several months. A charge was given to prepare ourselves as “temples” of the Lord even as King Hezekiah “removed the rubbish from the holy place” and begin to prepare a place for the presence of God to rest among us. At the end of the service the pastors prayed and declared their commitment to set themselves apart to God and consecrate themselves to Him in humility and prayer and repentance. As the declaration were made to leave the status quo and return to the Lord you could feel the weight of heaven pressing on us, it was like Jesus Himself gave the charge! There was full agreement in the combined congregations that had gathered, it was like a resounding “yes!” was shouted from the Church back to the Lord!

On 11/28/2006 I had major surgery and was off work for 6 weeks. Since my disability insurance gave me only 50% of my salary during this time and it was the Christmas season, I thought I may have to go into some debt, knowing my next paycheck would be 2 months later on Jan. 28. But the Lord told me to continue my giving and to trust Him during this time of Divine Experiment consecration. With my son’s college tuition coming due, I asked the Lord for an extra $1000. To date, all my bills have been on time and my boss just told me my next check would have a bonus of more than $1000! – Alexis

I have been delivered from fear and anxiety!!! I am not walking around with this knot in my stomach that I have had most of my life (even when on meds). I went off my anti-anxiety meds at the beginning of the 21 day fast. The Anxiety is Gone!!!!! I felt a deep repentance as I realized how much I had been wrapped up in myself and what I had done – and not done – it was almost unbearable.  Denice, Council Bluffs, IA –

Healing: One of the men in our church is praising the Lord since last Sunday night (1-7-07) which was the Divine Experiment launch. His regularly occurring headaches and neck pain are gone! He has been pain free for 7 days. -Vince, Council Bluffs, IA-

Bob confessed that he has had a really negative attitude towards this “Divine Experiment” but that for the first time ever he has been leading his family in the evening devotionals. His heart has been changed and he and his wife are communicating with their children. Denise has been praying that God would break her heart. The Lord is giving her a realization of the churches responsibility for the spiritual condition of the city and surrounding areas. Her heart is softer and walls have come down that had been there for the last years. She also has been able to come off of a medicine she has been using. -Bob, Council Bluffs, IA-

God has been doing deep work in my heart. I kept hearing, “The King is coming, The King is coming!” An awesome fear and concern came upon me for the internal condition of the body of Christ individually. The thought haunted me, “Will we know Him when He arrives?” I feel this week has caused me to prepare soberly for His visitation. -Teresa, Council Bluffs, IA –

The Divine Experiment has begun! I have gotten two testimonies today from our church. Kind of first fruits. One guy told me this morning that he and his wife were praying sitting facing each other last night weeping after they had read through the devo and looked up the scriptures together – they were absolutely overcome by the presence of Jesus and could not speak. He told me his story through tears.

One email today from an older lady in our church who while she was just praying last night – she started speaking in tongues – she has never spoke in tongues before! -Lonnie, Council Bluffs, IA