Huron, SD

Huron, SD

Huron, SD 150 150 Fusion Ministries

I am so amazed that my God who knows my heart better than I and still loves me and sees redeeming qualities has granted me peace, deep abiding peace in the midst of tribulation.  I have never in my life felt this peace quite like this until this week.

I have felt an increased desire and stirring to deny my flesh and walk in the spirit since this fast has begun.

He showed me very tangibly that if I cry to Him and submit to His authority and protection, He is quick to respond!

It is through the Face to Face meetings that our people have been ministered to, so they can in turn minister to the Lord and others in the Body of Christ.

Before Face to Face, I hadn’t been reading My Bible very much at all.  I always made plans to do it, but I never really wanted to.  I just thought of reading 2 chapters each day as a chore.  Recently though, during Face to Face, I started to read my Bible.  Praise the Lord!  Thing is, I actually ENJOY it!!!  God has made it real to me! Yay!  God has given me a profound revelation.  God has made it clear that the Word of God is Holy and Worthy to be read!

I have more of a hunger to read and hear God’s Word.  I have grown in my faith a lot.  It has changed my life.

My young son had been sick with the flu and was recovering when our youngest child (3) began crying and complaining of a stomach pain.  Deciding to take her to the bathroom, we sat near the stool all the while she cried.  I prayed that the spirit of sickness would leave and not touch her, declaring she belonged to God.  Suddenly she stopped crying and wanted to leave.  I was reluctant to let her go until I was sure…but it was evident she was fine.  She slept through the night and felt fine the next day and the next.  Thank You, God!