Platte City, MO

Platte City, MO

Platte City, MO 150 150 Fusion Ministries

Testimonies from pastors:

“The Divine Experiment revolutionized my marriage and my family”

“I have never seen my congregation respond to something in 18 years like they did on the Divine Experiment together – now they are all being touched by God”

“The Lord challenged hidden sexual sin from 5 years ago and said He wouldn’t talk to me until I talked to my wife about that sin. So I confessed my addiction to pornography”

“I didn’t know it but I had been drifting away from God. It was like I was living at the bottom of the ocean and covered in barnacles and rust and the Lord is chipping away at me” Pastor

“There is excitement in the air people know that God is going to do something – in each congregation. There is a fresh hunger for God and His presence”

“Our congregation is still talking about it. They want more prayer meetings and more time together and everybody is asking “when are we going to do it again?”

“We saw altars flooded with people humbling themselves and repenting. The youth came down for prayer, they were filled with pain and broken heartedness and they shared testimonies that rocked us. One guy whose parents had just gotten divorced, one little girl lost several family members.”

Congregation Testimonies:

The Lord responded to the Church of Platte City as they humbled themselves before Him. The presence of the Lord came and rested on the people as they prayed together in the mornings and in the evenings! People experienced a joy of being together with the various congregations in the city seeking the Lord and being cleansed, healed and forgiven in His presence. The Lord did a deep work in the people during the 21 days,

The Lord worked in marriages, deep stuff that had separated them for years, they came clean. Relationships changed for many families when they repented and were forgiven.

One of the most notable breakthroughs was among young adults. Many young people lacked conviction and reality of experiencing God, they had no vision, no future. But starting that first Sunday night the young people broke through in reality of who God is. From that night on, the young people stepped forward and they led the healing prayer times and came to the 6 am prayer meetings before school every day.

A young girl shared one night her struggle between what the Bible taught and what the world was telling her was ok. As she wrestled with God and searched the scripture the Lord showed her truth and it broke her heart and she submitted herself to God. Her conclusion was profound “your heart has to want the right even when you want another answer”.

“A 6-year old boy was diagnosed with the hearing of a 70 year old man. The doctors wanted to do surgery but his parents wanted to explore alternative healing and the doctor was not happy with their decision. During the Divine Experiment many people prayed for this boy for healing. When they took him back to the doctor for another consultation and tests the doctor reported that their son’s hearing was now 100% !”

“That testimony came just after another testimony of a young man who prayed for an employee of an auto parts store. She had an ear problem and needed surgery and an implant for a hole in her ear. The young man layed hands and prayed for healing for her right in the store. When he saw her the next time she reported that her ear had been completely healed-no more hole or need for surgery!”

“A woman and her husband in their early 60’s were in prayer every morning, even arriving early for the 6 am meeting! He needed cataract surgery so they prayed for him. After praying for revelation for love of God, etc. he disappeared and was discovered later in a back room crying hard alone. He had a revelation of love of Christ! His wife said “he doesn’t cry and he doesn’t hug people”. He reported later that he had lived his whole life with the understanding that men don’t cry. Now, he has a completely different countenance and he is smiling and hugging people. Both husband and wife are both getting baptized together!”

“People in our church prayed for very specific things that were needed at the church and God showed up in might ways answering prayer almost instantly! People received unexpected increases in salaries, began to tithe more, the Lord provided a new lease at a very low rate, provision was given for bills and expenses and office equipment.”

“A young girl who was not saved participated in the Divine Experiment with her boyfriend and his family. She began to read the Bible and attend church. But she wasn’t ready to give her heart to Jesus. One night her boyfriends stomach began to hurt from a lingering illness so she layed hands on him and said a quick prayer asking God to heal his stomach. As soon as she prayed his stomach immediately stopped hurting. She knew that this was God’s way of revealing Himself to her and she prayed and gave her heart to Jesus!”

“The Lord showed me during this fast how my pride and arrogance were entwined in almost everything I did! I was repulsed by how often I was judging others, desiring high status and recognition and thinking I was smarter or better than others. Even when I started repenting, I started feeling good about how much the Lord was doing – pride! Everything I thought reeked of pride! The Lord corrected my thinking! Everything I have – family, job, gifting, health, friends, etc. come from Him. He is the Source of everything good in my life and alone worthy of any praise for anything I have accomplished. My only accomplishment is surrendering my life to Him and recognizing the true Author of all goodness!”

“It didn’t take to long to realize our marriage was getting better as we apologized to each other and showed more love to one another!”

“God had me say I was sorry to my husband for my actions from the past. My husband lovingly responded “it’s not only you, it’s me too”. God did a healing in our marriage and it has been the sweetest blessing for both of us!”

“I asked God to open my eyes and heart to any past sin and He showed me sin against my husband I thought I had hidden well. So I confessed to my husband and asked God to forgive me. In doing that, it has brought my husband and I closer together and strengthened our house to honor God in every way He deserves.”

“I don’t want to and God doesn’t want me to go back to the way I was living before the Divine Experiment. I still plan on meeting with God twice a day and reading my Bible more, giving my husband more of my time and attention and giving God glory by sharing with others. God also gave me a ministry for older people in the church. He lead me to start cooking meals and delivering it to the homes of 5 elderly people.”

“One young woman shared her pain with the community of when her dad’s best friend had psychotic break and killed her dad and raped her mom. This young woman needs medicine to go to sleep, medicine to wake her up and medicine to keep her going through the day. She shared and cried and the community ministered to her for hours as she layed on the floor at the altar.”

“I experienced God’s presence during the Divine Experiment. As I prayed and studied the Word it became more alive to me than ever before!”

“I was drawn together with people I had not known before. I entered churches I had never been in before. God touched my heart with all the testimonies of His children.”

“God’s presence was strong during the prayer times and during one prayer meeting my foot was healed!”

“During the 21 days I thought I would be praying for others but within the first couple of days it was obvious God had something else in mind! Each day I was convicted of things I had allowed to take the place of God in my life.”