Rochelle, IL

Rochelle, IL

Rochelle, IL 150 150 Fusion Ministries

It has been awesome! I tell you we go early in the morning to met the Lord, and you can feel His presence already there and the hunger of some individuals that didn’t know anything about His presence, it is hard to describe so many experiences that we have had. We have seen miracles of healing and deliverance especially with children (many) families, marriage, deliverance of immorality, and a lot of repentance!

We prayed last week for a four year old girl and she was set free of many emotional disturbances, nightmares, disobedience and she went to bed when told and slept peacefully the whole night. Before prayer over her she would not say Jesus, after prayer she was free to say His Name. The next night at prayer, she had a totally different continence. Another little girl, similar age also was touched by the Lord in an equally unique way.  -The Wintons

God has freed me from the shame and guilt I had from the 20+ years of sexual sin I was involved in. God is also freeing me from the legalism I was raised in, to where I am now NOT ashamed to raise my arms in praise, shout my praise, cry in prayer, pray with my eyes up to heaven, pray out loud, pray what is in my heart, etc…-Jeff

The truth was; I was in denial, unteachable, suffering from self-pity, emotionally bankrupt, and always wanting attention from other people. Fighting was the master of my marriage. My lack of forgiveness for myself was consumed by my giant ugliness: the lasciviousness of sexual sin that entered into my life and had me in bondage for over 20 years. Being diagnosed bi-polar/borderline personality disorder was an easy escape route, and I was always burying and numbing my sin with different antipsychotic pills. BUT NOW……..

THE LORD BROUGHT THE TRUTH TO ME AND I ACCEPTED [NO MORE DENIAL] AND HE SET ME FREE!!!! The Lord has freed me of sexual sin! No more condemnation, no more chains, no more bondage. I am not going to be moved by bi-polar emotions. The enemy has been defeated!!! I am living and moving as a new free woman!  -Kim