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On the first day of my fast, I had two tests to take. During the morning meeting, I was hungry and concerned whether I would have the time to eat so that I could do “well” on my tests. Right after I thought that concerning food, I felt the Lord convicting me and saying to my spirit, “Are you attributing your success to food? Who is it that gives you your intelligence and success?” That conviction was liberating because it exposed and broke away the idol I have made of food. All that I have comes from God and only He can give me the strength and intelligence to perform well on a test! Not the “remedies of this world!


There have been so many little things! He’s still providing money for my mission trip in so many different ways. It’s increasing my faith in everything! So cool. He is giving me opportunities to be with/around/to love Indians, since that’s one place He’s sending me. I’ve never had that opportunity! I am never awake this earning and in bad moods in the morning, but not this week. Hallelujah! My heart is moving into alignment with His — more and more and more.


My homegroup is experiencing a revival, a guy I’m discipling is so passionately seeking and responding to God, my whole church has a freshness and life about it. I praise God. 
-The Lord has led me each day so sweetly during this time, it is such a praise. 
-He has intercepted me from terrible habits that are a path to a hard heart and destruction. 
-He has been my helper at work.


I want to give testimony of the work God is doing in my life with regards to worrying and anxiety when it comes to school. I am no longer letting what used to control me, control me. And God’s been doing amazing things in the life of my fiance, turning him into such a beautiful and powerful man of God, that leads us to God’s ways and He’s intentionally loving me and challenging my walk with God and really helping me. Also God has increased faith in his mom. God has also provided an opportunity for us to grow in our ministry with leading young couples and growing us in our own relationship.

God has given me so much strength through this. I am weak, and God has shown me that He is more than enough for my struggles and hardships. He healed my awful headache this morning when I got out of bed. He is my strength and portion! He has also given me the ability and privilege to talk to a lot of people about what God is doing in me and at A&M. And people want more so I get to share more with them about intimacy with God.


This has been a huge week. I have been at one extreme to the other. Finding out that I was approved to go live with my husband in Korea (Army) was a miracle…seriously! Now I don’t have to spend a year apart from him, and we have the opportunity to be missionaries in South Korea together. It is such a sweet gift from God. Then finding out yesterday that I had been lied to and deceived by someone very close to me…it was like I took a huge blow to my gut. My heart aches just thinking about it. All I kept thinking about was what someone said a few days ago at DE: “We are forgiven much. And that makes us able to love much.” God gave me grace not to harden my heart, but to extend love to that person. My flesh didn’t want to and still struggles with wanting to just be angry. Making the choice to choose love is something I have to continually do. Only by the knowledge that I am forgiven much am I able to make that choice. This is the verses God gave me… 1 John 4:7-12


For a long time, I’ve struggled with emotional dependency on friends. The Lord has shown this to me this past year, and it has been a year of grace for that area. Recently, He has redeemed that sin of depending on people, putting their friendships higher than Him and He has turned that into a dependence on Him and the ability to love and pursue friendships in a holy manner! Praise Him for breaking off chains of wickedness and for bringing life into me!


This week has been an interesting week. I’ve done fasts before, but never one like this. I find this fast so tiring, but it has caused me to lean on Christ more, to pray more, to depend on Christ to make it through each day. But in it I have found joy and peace. I felt His presence when I was getting irritated and frustrated about a paper, and my mom called me out on it, and I felt God say rest, and I felt my ungodly attitude start to leave. I also was blessed that I forgot my lab goggles, and I went to lab, and the lab TA said we didn’t have to hear goggles that day. And she gave me grave when I couldn’t print my lab report to turn it in the next day.


As I was lying in bed last night, I started to sing a line from “Jesus Savior, Pilot Me.” The line was, “Grant me long and peaceful rest, then while leaning on your chest.” I kept singing over and over in my head, aloud, in my head again. The next day, I had to wake up the earliest I have so far for worship. And because of God’s great mercy, it was the easiest it has been so far for me to get up and come praise Jesus. There’s just something about getting up before the sun and the rest of the world. I feel like God is letting me in on a little secret my worshipping Him in the early hours. God also revealed to me how even my sacrifice of sleep is an act of worship, and I know by removing that, my body’s physical weakness will be replaced by God’s joy. For the joy of the Lord is my strength.


God has showed me my need to commit to the priorities in my life — shown me my need to be a faithful steward of His talents. 
-He has renewed my prayer life towards my small groups and its leaders. 
-He continues to answer semester prayers — prayers specifically for Him to raise up world/ mission-minded people from within our small group.

I wanted to be healed of a ‘disease’ that was painful once a month and was going to make it hard to have children. I feel/believe I was healed within the first 2-3 days of the fast. J Praise God! 
-Also, so much grace and strength to wake up and let the Lord touch the deepest parts of my heart. 
-I feel I have a lot less anger/bitterness and unforgiveness in my heart for forgiving people I didn’t want to. God has given my heart back to me. 
-I have been feeling demonically oppressed for the past few years and it strengthened in the past year, but seeing so much of it going away as I let the Lord heal me, renew my mind and transform my heart.


On day 1 of my fast, I took a nap in the afternoon, and God gave me a dream. In the dream, I was hanging out with a friend and told her I was going to text someone to tell her something good I did. She told me, “You are scared of people.” When I woke up, I was tempted to dismiss this as just a dream, but I really felt that it was true and that it meant that I was not just scared of a few people, but that I struggled with fear of man with everyone. On day 3, the Lord showed me that I struggle with fear of man in 5 huge areas of my life — my personality, my parents, my friends, my spirituality and my gifts. It affects almost everything I do. The Lord has exposed this and is giving me grace to be aware of it in my daily life and let Him change it by replacing my fear of man with fear of God.


On day 4, I was lying in bed, and the Lord reminded me of several interactions with people that had happened that week. He took me outside of myself and showed me how I looked to other people. He showed me that I present myself as though I am invincible and untouchable. I used to walk around like this in high school, but I didn’t realize that I still carry it. The next day, I repented to a friend because this has hurt her a lot, and she confirmed that I still act like that. It also helped me understand why I am a threat to her at times because it makes her feel unwanted and obsolete. By faith, I am believing that the Lord removed this pride and is renewing my mind to choose His humility. 
-The Lord has brought a lot of forgiveness and reconciliation between a friend and I. We have had a rough friendship this last year or so because we were both in pain and choosing pride to protect ourselves. As the Lord reveals our pride and frees us, we are able to give and receive love from each other in pure and awesome ways. About once a day, we have repented to each other for something the Lord is showing us as we deal with humility this week! 
- Today the Lord released a corporate grace to be free from lust and sexual immorality. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt like I needed to go to the altar. The Lord showed me that I struggle with what He called emotional lust. Though I do not really struggle with physically lusting after men, I desire so badly to be wanted and pursued that I get huge crushes on guys and want them to pursue me. I am always looking for potential husbands. I have also struggled with this with girl friends because I have just wanted them to want to be my best friend. I have thought that I would realize my worth and beauty when some man wanted to be with me forever, but I am realizing that I will never know my worth and beauty until I let the Lord pursue me and love me. The Lord has also shown me that I don’t know His love because I don’t have faith in the unseen. I have been seeking after a love I could see and have been dissatisfied with His invisible qualities. One of my biggest prayers for this DE is that the Lord will truly become my first love and that I will understand His deep and passionate love for me that fills every void and keeps me from desiring a husband or best friend all the time. I am believing He will do this and continue to do this, and I will once again see every man purely and solely as a brother in Christ.

The Beginning

The “Face to Face” consecration was a powerful time! One man who was on life-support and given no hope to live was touched by the Lord after prayer and returned home to his family! A worship leader who was hospitalized and tested positive fir viral meningitis was healed and new test results showed no virus and he was released! Marriages were restored! Many people had supernatural encounters with the Lord! Students became bold in their faith and are ministering to many on the campus! People were saved, healed and delivered and the name of Jesus is being made known in the community and on the campus!


Thursday night at our Life group meeting, three of us dudes got together and prayed during worship. We were praying for strength forfasting and the presence of God fell on us. We all started

feeling heat in our hands and tingling/heat climbing up our arms. Our hands and arms started burning up and also felt like a cold sweat and heavy pressure. I have never felt that before the DE and it was super encouraging. 

During our Fellowship Church’s Men’s Retreat during the 2nd week of the DE. Our Saturday night extended worship time was unusually spirit filled and for the first time I felt impressed by the Spirit to speak in tongues to these gathered. Four different interpretations were given: “Take Courage,” “Bravery is with you,” “Do not fear,” and “Don’t be afraid.” I have never seen such agreeing and unifying interpretations and several people later told me that word was the motivation they were asking God to provide them to step out in faith for various things.— Barclay

God has me physically in a place where I do not have any strength AT ALL. But each moment, every time I pray and read and sing, He gives me power. It’s so simple, but so crazy. Worship songs have so much more meaning now, too. In the middle of my bodily weakness and pain my spirit is so alive and full of joy; it’s unexplainable and beautiful. God is so good!— Lauren

God has answered me “Ask and you shall receive.” I asked for joy and the next day I spent most of my day laughing in His presence. I asked for stirring of hearts and He’s been using those around me uncomfortable in their flesh and livelier in their spirit. I’ve been praying for my boyfriend and He’s turned him into a spiritual leader of prayer and peace making and transformed his life from the inside out to seek Him more. I pray and my Lord answers; He empowers me with more prayers, bigger prayers, and He humbles me when He answers because I remember He’s in control of everything, not me, but the fact that I can ask of the one who is in control and not be neglected in supplication is a powerful tool in my hand I hope I never forget how to use.— Jessica

10 days into this thing has made me realize…I know nothing about my Jesus…the little I have tasted of has left me yearning for more. I need more. I don’t want to court Him like a lover; I want Him like an addict. I’d sell everything I have for just another look, another taste of who He is.— Phil

Saturday night at the DE gathering a man exhorted us to ask forgiveness for our indifference from three people we knew in the room. I was pretty confused until my friend explained. After, we had a time of repentance prayer. My heart had been a bit cold, a bit apathetic, but, while I was praying, I almost started crying and I felt my pride being melted away. I have fresh perspective fresh perspective on how to love others, laying aside my own convenience, and sincerely listening to them and engaging in conversation with them. I want to bless others in their acts not only when it suits me.— Cait

Last night I told God “I trust you that I will wake up tomorrow morning and make it to prayer in time,” because I had been sleeping through the meetings every morning so far this week. So my alarm when off this morning and I whispered to God, “I trust in You” and fell right back to sleep. At 7 a.m. my friend knocked on the door and my roommate was awake.  He told her to wake me up for prayer this morning. So she woke me up and I got ready and here this morning. I made it to prayer meeting, and it’s only the beginning of the day. I can’t wait to see what amazing, extraordinary things will occur for the rest of the week with me trusting completely in Him. Praise God!— Karina

On Saturday the 19th, I was preparing for the topic I was going to speak about at Bible Study. I felt God lead me to this other podcast and it wrecked me. It was funny because I was listening to it so I could share it with others but I realized that I needed to hear it. I then prayed that God would whisper in my heart while I sleep. I wanted everything to be for him. I woke up the next morning and had this overwhelming desire to drop to my knees and worship Him and weep from the gratitude of my heart. It was such an intimate moment and my heart was so tender that I kept getting hit by the Lord at church in such an amazing way.— Linda


The other day, I was talking to a friend who is not participating in the Divine Experiment.  In the midst of a conversation about a group of Chinese students she was talking to she said “oh yeah, and they all gave their lives to Jesus.”

I’ve been hearing testimonies from friends who go out and “treasure hunt,” which is basically hearing the Lord for a name or place or word of knowledge about someone, and then going out and finding the person and sharing the Gospel with them and/or healing them. Normally we see maybe a few people come to Christ, but now almost everyone we witness to wants to make Jesus their Lord!

It seems like you can walk up to almost anyone and say the name of Jesus, and they will give their life to Him. Witnessing is so easy on campus right now. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.— Taylor

The people who went through the Divine Experiment are becoming bold in their faith! Many are getting prophetic words for people, praying for people and ministering to people around them in ways they have never done before! Many lives are being touched on the campus and in workplaces as a result!


Sister Clementine’s brother Adan had been on his deathbed for days and the doctors wanted to take him off life supporter, saying there wasn’t any hope of recovery. Pastor Chris went to visit and they prayed for him and he began to respond. Friday night, we got the news that he was responding after being brain dead for over a week! He was beginning to move is head and eyes a bit and his body was accepting food. PRAISE GOD!!! They actually decided to take him off the respirator! Just a day after he called Pastor Chris to talk to him!— Rachel

I was in a wreck this Monday going back home. There were two 18-wheelers that hit the car. There were five people in the car: my little brother, two cousins, my aunt and myself. Everything happened out of nowhere.  A truck was turning, so my aunt was going to pass the truck when my cousin yelled out that there was another truck from behind so the truck had hit my side and threw us off and made us hit the other truck in front. All in the car were safe and sound and the cops were saying that we could have died. All of us were safe with just little damage.— Ivan

Friday before the prayer meeting some friends and I went to Anderson Park to play soccer. It was just a few of us so we joined in playing with a group of random people. While playing, one of the guys rolled his ankle really badly and couldn’t walk, and could hardly move his foot. We carried him over to the bench and asked if we could pray for him. He said sure and after we prayed we asked him to move it around to see if it still hurt. He tried and said it was still hard to move. So we walked away and then looked back a little bit later and saw him walking around and moving his ankle with a very confused look on his face. I asked him again how his ankle felt and he said it was good and he could walk with no pain! I told him Jesus healed him and he was like, “Thanks man!”— Billy

We met to pray over a friend who has been sick for a long time. She’s a single mom who has adopted 2 kids from deep Bryan. She is having medical problems and consequently financial difficulties. We prayed for multiple things for her and over this week, including her sleep and her bed, as she has not slept well in years, always waking up at 3 or 4 a.m. She also remains so exhausted that she cannot hear her alarm. That night after we prayed, she slept through the night until her alarm went off at 6:00! Glory to God!— Merinda

I thank God for healing my grandson, Lucas. He had been sick for a few days with high fever and congestion in his chest and nose. On the third day of the fast I took care of him and several times throughout the day I prayed for him and confessed, declared that he was healed. By the end of the day he was fever free and running around the house. Thank you, Jesus.— Lydia

I have had a mental block when it comes to running due to past asthma and a bunch of “I cant’s” My roommate convicted me that God created running to be beautiful. I decided I wanted to let the Lord break down those barriers and empower me through the Holy Spirit. On Friday, my roommate told me about a 5K that benefited orphans. I decided to try it and ran all 3.1 miles straight when I don’t think I’ve ever run 2 without stopping. I was smiling the whole time!— Kellie


Last night I was at Bethel Church for prayer that ended at 8:30 (but we stayed until one!) And the whole day I had just been feeling oppressed and overwhelmed. The whole day I just felt attacks from Satan telling me I wasn’t capable of doing certain things and that everything I had been doing was for nothing. But last night, when a group of us were talking after prayer I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to bring up what the devil was doing and how he had been tormenting me not only that day but through dreams. They began to pray for me and the Holy Spirit moved mightily. There was a deep heaviness that was just lifted off me and I began weeping because the Lord delivered me from that fear and those lies. He showed me that his power is greater than any other, and that He listened to every one of my cries for help. He is an amazing Father, and he took care of me and I know I will continue to trust in Him! Now, I have peace in my room. I can sleep and I feel His presence. I can hear His Spirit praying for me in my dreams, and protecting me throughout the night. He continues to remind me that Jesus is my Savior and when I am afraid, to trust in Him. — Brittany

For many years I have served and let into my life a very strong Spirit of Jezebel. I was being taught how to trust in my beauty and use my heart for seduction. So many times I have prostituted my heart out to men and in return I had handfuls of ashes. I have been at war in my heart because of this compromise. I have been pressing in so much for the Lord’s healing and guidance. So two nights ago I was at a women’s devotional meeting at Antioch and the Holy Spirit prompted me to go get prayer by the pastor’s wife. She prayed over me; I got smacked by the Holy Spirit. I repented for serving that demonic spirit in my life and, Wow! The forgiveness that God showed me! This gigantic thing left me and I could feel the Holy Spirit filling me and downloading me with truth, freedom, love, and wholeness! The Lord told me that he has never been disappointed in me and he told me that I was entering into a restored place in my heart and He was going to show me how to basically learn to live holy in these ways that I have not been. I have been praying for a revelation of God’s tenderness towards me and I have never felt so loved and sought after!— Bethany

Thank you Heavenly Father for strengthening me to not smoke cigarettes for 3 weeks now. Glory to your Holy Holy name. Thank you for giving me the desire and hope to live!— Shirley

As a child, I was always uneasy listening to the Chariots of Fire soundtrack – not the theme song, but the other songs. The album was by Vangelis and I kept it all these years, even though it made me uneasy in my Spirit. Recently I looked it up and sure enough, that band is known for another album – called 666 – where the defile things from the Bible in the most vile and perverse way they can dream up. My spirit was uncomfortable because this stuff was obviously wicked. We must put away the things of wickedness and turn to the things of light. “Be holy as I am holy.” Trust the Holy Spirit when He speaks.— Micah

I used to fall asleep every night to a video playing in the background. Usually, it would be Gray’s Anatomy, Community, The Office, and things like that. I’ve been feeling God put it on my heart to stop filling my brain with junk while I’m sleeping. I didn’t trust Him because I’m also trying to get up early and I need my sleep. Last night I trusted Him. I played worship music instead. I could not fall asleep. I’m used to 8 hours of sleep. Last night, I got around 6 hours. While I was sleeping, I dreamed I was taking a nap. When I woke up this morning, I felt more energized for morning worship then I had before. God knew my body would struggle but he wanted to lift me up for my decision to follow Him. I believe the nap in my dream was God answering my prayers to give me restful sleep.— Kerrie


At home, my husband always wants to be watching sports and I told him that he was going to fast and that we weren’t going to watch TV for 21 days, and he laughed and told me no. But I started to ask God and my husband has started to quit watching sports and TV so much. And I give all the honor and the glory to God who is working in my life and in the life of my husband.—   Zaida

This whole last week and weekend I’ve been doing a juice fast, and before that I had water fasted and Daniel fasted, so I’ve been pretty weak in the flesh. I have a strength training class twice a week, and I’ve been performing poorly because of my fasting. So I asked God if He would give me some extra strength today. I did all the exercises thoroughly, and lifted more than I normally do when I’m not fasting!!! This fast has been about trusting the Lord for me. He’s been revealing areas where I haven’t even thought about trusting Him. Now I know to even trust him with my physical strength. Thank you, Jesus!— Taylor

I’ve been more awake and had more energy since we’ve started the fast, even though I’m getting up much earlier. I’m not drowsy during the day or feeling tired, even though there isn’t as much food in me and I haven’t slept as much. Triple grace! Also, just got touched with a lot of joy this morning during worship. Felt His pleasure in wanting to be with us.— Blake


I did not even know about the DE until literally a couple days before it began. I started the first couple days excited – but with no idea what I was getting myself into. Each day, God has taken me to new depths with Him. I could see this physically each day. First, I felt God leading me to fast from more and more. One by one He took away more and more, or so I thought. But in actuality He was giving me more and more of Himself. I’ve felt attacked, but I’ve felt his angels guarding in and my heart protecting me with a spirit of peace. This fast has definitely gotten harder, but I am confident that this dying of my flesh continually brings Christ’s face into clearer focus and I die to the world a little bit more each day. It encourages my heart greatly to see God’s faithfulness through this period. And even with the spiritual attacks… it just confirms that we’re onto something good. — Alisa

At the beginning of the DE, I asked the Lord how I should fast. He told me He would give me the grace to fast how I wanted. So I started the DE doing a water fast. I got a migraine the second night, so I went to a light Daniel fast. After a week of that, on Sunday after church, I was going to go break the Daniel fast because I wanted meat so badly. The Lord convicted me and told me “You’re not just doing this for yourself, you’re contending for the nation. Step it up.” As soon as I told Him I would, my hunger went away. I moved to a juice fast, and I haven’t been hungry in the last six days! Crazy things have happened too. When I talk with another believer, or read The Word, I feel full in the spiritual, and it transfers over to the physical. Also, I woke up with tonsillitis on Tuesday. That night, I put my hands on my throat and commanded that my throat be healed in the name of Jesus. I declared His promises over it, and when I woke up in the morning, I was completely healed.— Taylor


The day before we launched I received a check in the mail for $1000! It was from a man who recently visited our church, which Andrea have been seeking the Lord for.  Then on Wednesday my brother, Cody who lives in Dallas, who also is taking part in this period of consecration, by Daniel fasting and praying for us here, called me to tell me that he and his wife received a valentine from his wife’s grandmother and he asked me “guess how much it was for?!” and I said “One Thousand Dollars, I bet!” and he said, “It was a thousand dollars!!!” He also has been asking the Lord for provision :)— Dean

I have been searching for a house for my 3 roommates and myself for next year, but I was thinking it would be impossible with our price range and nobody wanting to share a bedroom. The other day I actually got lost looking for a house that was too much money, but close to what we wanted. I ended up finding (while lost) the perfect house! The Lord likes to give us the desires of our hearts! When my mom told them we were good girls who all went to the same church, the landlord gave us a $205 discount a month! Now it is in our price range!— Kellie

So Before we actually started the Divine Experiment we had to make a bulk purchase of prayer guides for our group, and I heard from the grapevine that you should buy about ten more books than the actual number of people you think are doing it to be prepared for God to move on others hearts about doing the Divine Experiment.  So I only had about 10 people from my group committing to do it, so that means I should order 20 prayer guides. That’s 50 extra dollars that I would be spending in faith lol. And we were so short notice that I didn’t ask anyone to pay upfront and I covered the whole $100 out of pocket. 2 days into the Divine Experiment at the night meeting somebody says that the Lord placed it on their heart to give me $50 dollars cash!! On top of that, I was able to find a place for those 10 extra books to go, and somehow at the end of it all, through many circumstances, I ended up with about $200 cash in my wallet by the end of week 2! So God totally came through and gave me double what I put in!— Stefan

Recently, my bike was stolen, yet I felt no feelings of anger or anxiety – which is not me at all. God is surely working in my life – I haven’t felt this close to Him in a very long time. I’ve never heard him so clearly. Which is why I know Satan was attacking me from the get-go. He knows God was going to draw me sweetly closer to Himself through this. I’ve honestly felt Him preparing me for the DE since Christmas Break, before I ever knew about it. He has been giving me fresh hunger for Him, drawing me out of the desert I’ve been in for so long. Praise Jesus! J P.S. He gave my bike back! Crazy!— Anonymous


I have wanted to spend a lot more time with the Lord than studying. I got a 76 on a test that ended up getting a 12-point curve! I have also always been really bad at writing and normally get C’s or B’s on papers. The only B I’ve made as a final grade was composition. I got the only A in my class on a paper I wrote during the Divine Experiment! My mom even recognized it as an answered prayer!— Kellie

I’ve wanted to pour into girls with eating disorders and get to walk in freedom with them but I didn’t pursue it because I didn’t have peace with the timing. After being obedient and giving a presentation on Mercy Ministries I got an email. Usually I’m nervous about sharing my testimony, but I did with a doctor at camp this summer. The email was from her about a girl who is bulimic and wants someone “who knows how she feels.” From the obedience and embracing the power of my testimony, I get to share with her the freedom the Lord has given me. It may seem small, but it’s such a blessing because my heart aches for those girls. — Jacquelyn

Also, I was taking a very long time consuming class that I wanted to drop to spend more time with the Lord. I didn’t need that class either. But, my advisors said I couldn’t drop it because of many reasons. I stayed faithful in prayer and started to get friends to pray for that with me. After two weeks, not only was I able to drop it but also it’s off my record. Praise God! More time with Him!!!— Linda


I had been praying for my family for quite some time and just the other day, I overheard my sister talking with her boyfriend about Holy Spirit and how he helps us with everything. This is the first time I’ve seen someone else in my family pressing in for more and I was pumped!— Billy

My friend is Taiwanese and when I got to know the Lord almost 2 years ago I have been praying for him and talking to Him constantly so he may know Jesus. I even fasted a month hen he broke his jaw and couldn’t eat. Last Sunday I prayed for the fear of the Lord to get him and He accepted Christ an hour later after much talking!!! He said he wanted the joy I had which was due to me being overflowing with the Holy Spirit.  And giving up lust over the DE! Pray for him, that God gives him His joy and intimacy. Praise Him!!!— Anonymous

I went to Layne’s Chicken Fingers one night (not to eat but to minister) because we felt led to go there. When we got there they were about to close and no one but the workers were there. So we were a little discouraged but I decided to go in and see if any of them had the name Jimmy (a name I got from the Lord). No one had that name but when I asked the guy, the Lord gave me some words of knowledge for him. SO I shared with him and got to prophecy over him and it was amazing how fast the Holy Spirit moved in his heart. He immediately wanted to sit down and pray with me and was completely rocked that God actually knew him!— Billy

I was having trouble being nice to my roommate. I just wanted her to leave me alone. A few days into the DE all of a sudden that burden was lifted. I am now able to be nice to her. That is something I had been praying for/struggling through for months.— Rachel

Also, I have never had a very spiritual conversation with my roommate for over two years and since I started the DE, Jesus is pretty much all we talk about J I’ve never heard her pray and she has been coming to me, laying hands on me even in intimate prayer! Breakthrough! God is tenderizing her heart and it is so great!— Bethany

For a couple of weeks I have seen some of my closest friends and people that I have discipled begin to backslide and fill themselves the spirit of the age. It was really bothering me, but I was unable to inspire or guide them into right posture before the Lord at all. Every effort ended up with me sounding self-righteous and them getting angry… so no success. Right at the beginning of the Divine Experiment, the Lord impressed me during meditation on Psalm 37 to give up my strength and efforts to sway them and rely completely on His power to change their hearts. So I made a commitment that I would not so much as say the name Jesus in their presence and give all control to the Lord. After a week nothing had really changed and a few things had actually gotten worse… so I was a hair on the anxious side after that. The next week, though, one of my friends randomly comes and confesses to me that he has been backsliding and that he wants to change some of his lifestyle and start going harder on the Divine Experiment! I was BLOWN AWAY! Then a few days later he calls me to tell me that he just prayed and prophesied over a lady who he was delivering a hamburger to! That is way out of the ordinary for him, so once again I was BLOWN AWAY!! The Lord is so faithful when we lean on His strength and understanding!— Stefan

So, last week was about humbling ourselves. And I felt like the lord had been telling me for a while now to pray with my roommate who is sick. She believes in God, but doesn’t really know Him personally, especially as a healer. So, I was fearful and had been putting it off, but finally I asked her one-day if I could pray with her. And I just felt the Lord’s peace in that moment. She was so accepting of my prayer with her and put out her hands for me to hold them. The Lord was so good and gentle, and I just love that when I obeyed his gentle calling He showed His loving-kindness so perfectly. So now I just pray for more. For healing in her heart and her body, and also that I would become more sensitive to the desires of His heart and what He’s calling me to do.— Brittany


I rarely remember any of my dreams, but this semester I have been consistently remembering them. During the first week of the DE I had a very vivid dream that I was at a large, prominent mosque. As I was looking toward the entrance I saw a glowing white man behind the main gate. Suddenly a wall of fire engulfed the mosque and spread from the entrance covering all the Muslims I saw worshipping. I remember the people were afraid, and I told them “Don’t be afraid! It’s the Shekinah glory of the Lord!” The fire swept over me and I felt hot and then woke up.— Barclay

My 10 year old had a vision of an old but super clean wash bucket during a DE meeting. The bucket was filled with crystal clear, clean water. White garments were put into the water to wash and when they were, oil came up to the surface.— Cynthia

It is day 18. While I was repenting from sexual immorality in my thoughts, I had a vision or thought in my head. It was just a second but what I saw was a hand, that was mine, and a wedding ring was on it. In a second I knew that I was married to sin, and with marriage came a covenant to sin. That woke me up, physically and spiritually. I realized that I had never broken my covenant with sin which is why it was so hard to stay away from it. In the vision I also took my ring off, Jesus was smiling.— Luke