Winchester, VA

Winchester, VA

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I just want to say the prayers are working in Winchester. I worked this week, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday and the police dispatch radio was silent as could be!!!

We have quiet days here and there, but I can’t remember the last time I worked four days (especially a nice weather weekend) and had so few calls. All the guys at work are shocked by the silent radio also.

“Incidentally, I went to a tanning salon next to the church on a work related call. I responded for a stolen cell phone. The phone was an IPhone that valued $700 which was stolen from and employee.

“The employee had recently purchased the phone about six days prior and was hysterical. Her phone was her only way to reach her boyfriend who was stationed overseas. She said, “I know we will never find it,” and I told her it’s a long shot, but don’t lose faith.

Before I left, the store received a call from a customer saying she was going to return the phone. The customer said she “accidentally” picked up the phone. This all took place while the evening prayer was happening at the Crossroads Church.”
– Winchester Police officer

“For twenty years, I tried to do everything on my own and I ended up losing everything!  Since I’ve given my life over to God, everything is good! I now have a job and a place to live and all I need now is a car and I am trusting God to make that happen! God is God and as long as I seek Him, everything else will come.”
– Kenneth

“Thank you Lord! He restored my transplanted kidney and I received a good report from my doctor. Thanks again, to the Lord for giving my oldest son a job and providing for him. The Lord also has financially provided for my family and He healed and restored health to my sister from all infection. I give Him the praise and all the glory.”
– Bobby

“On 2/16 after the services @ Crossroads, I received a text from a fellow brother who was at work. He said that he had a great fear about making a mistake at work and it made him shut down mentally. He said it caused him to be exhausted.

“A sense of compassion fell over me and I began to type a prayer for him. It was lengthy and the words were flowing from the Father’s heart. I wrote a lengthy text.

“Just before I hit the send button, I received a text from him that said, he received a breakthrough, thanking me for my prayers.

“I hit the send button ten seconds after I received his text (confirming his breakthrough from fear.) It was uplifting for me to have confirmation before I even hit the send button. I felt like I was typing from the Father’s heart.

“Bottom line! We both were blessed! Praise God! He is good!”
– Don

“Many months ago, I had a vision. I told Pastor Bobby about it at that time and I’d like to now share it with everyone.

“I saw tiny fires on the tops of churches in Winchester.  Those fires began to grow until they became one great fire uniting every church!

“As that fire grew, I saw a great and powerful army begin to charge the City.  In my vision it began at Hwy 81, outside of our church, and it made its way around the entire city.

“I believe Jesus is going to show up in a way, we have never seen before.  As we join together we will take this city and beyond for Him!!”

“During the first night I wondered if I was ‘doing’ this correctly. I was unsure with how to “humble” myself and it would not just be superficial. I wasn’t sure if anything happened between me and the Lord. Then when I returned home . . . I saw a strong increase in the prophetic.

“This prophetic impression caught me by surprise as I remembered to pray for a friend of mine, who is on a ministry assignment in another state. As I began to pray a simple prayer for her, the Lord began showing me several very specific and clear things that Father was doing for her and how I should pray for her. I ‘know’ this was a direct result of having just spent time with God even though at that time I was unsure of He had done anything significant with me in the meeting.”
– Jacki

“While praying about seeking attention and affirmation from people, God showed me the root of where it came from. He told me that I needed to forgive those people and confess my desire for attention and my lack of forgiveness. I chose to forgive them in Jesus Name and asked God to help me with my unforgiveness.”
– Derek

“At approximately three in the morning while sleeping, I had a dream. As I was walking by a building that had just blown up, everything inside was incinerated but the structure of the building was fine, not even a brick was missing. I woke up and God said, “That was the work he was doing inside of me. Total cleansing.”
– Justin

“I saw a flower and in the middle it had a guitar, which represented the gifts and dreams that Father God gave each one of us. God picked up the flower and hugged it gently because He cherished it so very much.”
– Isaac

“I stood in agreement with you as you talked about your family seeing a different side of you (not the best side) then you show the world something different. I stood thinking I was “just standing in agreement” of my own freewill, not knowing that God was actually calling me to stand so that he could free me from that very thing. It felt like someone stabbed me in the heart, and I heard God saying, ‘It’s right there.” I thought my head was going to explode. My chest hurt for quite awhile after that, but about an hour or so later I felt my heart rushing as though God had cleared a blockage from my heart. It left me more clear about my path in life and filled me with more joy than I have felt in a longtime. I am now spending more time studying in Proverbs.”
– Peter