Transformation Conference on Mexican Border – October 2011

Transformation Conference on Mexican Border – October 2011

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In September I spoke at a regional transformation conference in Laredo, Texas. I was joined by several of the young adults from our Summer Transformation Intensive, which was great! The weekend was powerful! The Lord came with His presence and revelation of transformation exploded in the hearts of hundreds of leaders! In addition to leaders from Laredo, the event drew 200 leaders from 5 cities in Mexico who are desperate for transformation!

Each community has since gone back and gathered other leaders in their city and begun to prepare for the consecration process! Several cities have already gone through consecration with incredible testimony, miracles and breakthrough in families and congregations!

Sunday night following the conference in Laredo, we launched a consecration process with 6 congregations and about 200 people! They had an explosive 21 days! The Lord broke in with His presence from the first prayer meeting! The first Saturday night the pastors decided to wash the feet of the members of their congregations. The meeting lasted for over 3 hours and as they washed each others’ feet they heard the thunder outside…the heavens opened over Laredo that night and it poured rain! In the midst of unprecedented drought in Texas, the Lord opened the heavens over Laredo.

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