Rio Grande Valley Texas – June 2011

Rio Grande Valley Texas – June 2011

Rio Grande Valley Texas – June 2011 150 150 Fusion Ministries

Saturday, I met for several hours with pastors and leaders from all over the Rio Grande Valley. Within a couple of hours, they knew the Lord was confirming to them they were ready consecrate themselves and begin the journey toward transformation this fall. Not only have they committed to go through in their communities, they are carrying the hope of transformation and the process of consecration out to many other communities in the Rio Grande Valley! They have also committed to a full conference this September.

The morning of the leadership consultation the sky was filled with dark clouds. But the pastor said the black clouds come across every morning but “they never release rain”. It hadn’t rained in Weslaco for 6 months.  I began to intercede and told those clouds to release the rain over the city!

I received news Wednesday that it started to rain and it rained for 3 days. The drought was broken. I believe this is a clear encouragement to the pastors to pursue 2 Chron 7:14 – the Lord can open the heavens!


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