What is Transforming Revival?

Defining Transforming Revival

Defining Transforming Revival 150 150 Fusion Norway

Transforming revival is a corporate encounter with a supernatural God that is tangible, measurable, and observable by all who live at the visitation location. God’s presence brings accompanying fruit that characterizes His nature and His heavenly kingdom with transformational changes happening at every level—individuals, families, church, society, and land. “Transforming revival” refers to the entire…

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Defining Presence-Based Transformation

Defining Presence-Based Transformation 150 150 Fusion Norway

Whereas, “transforming revival” refers to the overall process of change that occurs in a spiritual awakening at a societal level, the term “transformation” describes the impact of the process manifested in people, families, congregations, community, and land where they live. The concept of “transformation” is rich in meaning. In Scripture the word “transformation” is metamorphos…

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Supernatural vs Natural

Supernatural vs Natural 150 150 Fusion Norway

While the word “transformation” has many applications, there are basically two primary distinctions when it comes to community transformation: supernatural transformation and natural transformation. There is a distinct difference between a reformed society and a supernaturally transformed community. Transformation is not social, political, or religious reform. Transformation is not synonymous with evangelism; evangelism is the…

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Biblical Scope

Biblical Scope 150 150 Fusion Norway

The Biblical scope of transformation includes the lives of individual believers, transformation of the church (the Bride), transformation of spheres of society and the transformation of the land. The redemptive promise and purpose of God evidenced in the transformation process is not small, limited or temporary. On a personal level, God transforms our lives through regeneration…

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Tranformation & Redemptive Fullness

Tranformation & Redemptive Fullness 150 150 Fusion Norway

In the God-directed progression of present redemption and revival history, the pace has accelerated as we move toward the ultimate culmination of this age. As we get closer to the return of Christ, we are seeing a fuller measure of transformational impact than ever before in history. This supernatural transformation is not simply of individuals…

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Biblical Foundations of Transformation

Biblical Foundations of Transformation 150 150 Fusion Norway

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You established the earth, and it abides. . . . Give me understanding according to Your word.   Psalm 119:89–90, 169 NKJV Transformation is a much overlooked biblical subject. The theme is woven like a thread through both the Old and…

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