Biblical Scope

Biblical Scope 150 150 Fusion Ministries

The Biblical scope of transformation includes the lives of individual believers, transformation of the church (the Bride), transformation of spheres of society and the transformation of the land. The redemptive promise and purpose of God evidenced in the transformation process is not small, limited or temporary.

On a personal level, God transforms our lives through regeneration and the renewing of our minds. Paul speaks of the believer’s entire life being transformed by the renewing of the mind through the Word and by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 12:2).

On a family level, God brings reconciliation and forgiveness as repentance occurs and root systems of sin are uprooted. As families return to covenant obedience with God and each other, relationships are restored, prodigals return home, and healing occurs.

On a congregational level, God restores first-love devotion, roots out religiosity, and replaces it with genuine spiritual life and power. When the transforming power of the gospel impacts believers collectively, it makes possible the transformation of the community spiritually, morally, and socially.

The transformation of individuals, their families, and congregations will lead to the transformation of the society, including land and ecology. The transformation of a village, community, region, or nation never begins at the corporate level. God first works in the hearts of believers. God transforms believers internally before He moves in a community externally.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit will be at work in the hidden places of believers’ hearts, in their families, realigning congregations with His purposes, etc., long before transformation of the community becomes evident. Long-lasting transformation of a community never occurs separate from transformation at the personal, family, and congregational levels. God works from the inside out!