Holland May 2016

Holland May 2016

Holland May 2016 150 150 Fusion Ministries

The week of ministry was exactly what the Lord had been promising to do but honestly when we walked it out each day it felt like a dream. It’s hard to believe we actually experienced all that we did in those 5 days!

The days were packed full, meeting with the house of prayer leaders, with delegates of pastors from communities, pastoral consultation for leaders from around the nation and then of course the conference on top of that!

A vision for consecrating the church back to Jesus, to gather, to dress and then reveal His Bride in the nation was shared with leaders from 15 cities. The diagnosis and prescription for the crisis in the church was also clearly shared. People responded with great excitement and deep gratitude. The soil was cultivated and ready for the word the Lord brought through me and it took root and is growing quickly.

By the end of the week I could hardly move, I arrived exhausted, then with the trip over and each day I just got poured out.  But each session the Lord gave me not just enough strength but fire! The hunger of the people drew every ounce of experience, wisdom, joy, word from my heart!!

The highlight was Friday night at the conference. I preached about God’s heart to reveal His Bride in the nation. It was rough getting started, lots of distractions and warfare but I just plowed through, it was new vision for many of them. At the end of the message I invited people to come and share their desperation. This young man came forward and prayed a gut-wrenching prayer of desperation. He just emptied himself with passion and cried out to the Lord like I have rarely every heard.  As he was crying out I saw the veil being lifted off the Bride in the nation!! His cry was piercing through the heavenlies and God began to pull the garments of humanism and shame and timidity off of her!! The place erupted!!! We began to shout out to God and declare her freedom to worship Him. The Lord then gave me a prophetic word and vision for them. It was actually the same picture God gave to Courtney, our office manager at Fusion! She saw it in her intercession for us!

Then His presence settled over the room. A thick, heavy blanket of love and peace. We just continued to quietly worship and soaked in the most amazing sense of His presence around us. Nobody wanted to leave! The room was full of pastors too from all over the nation. And I had been talking about God’s presence for days and He came and brooded over us. His presence was still heavy in the room on Saturday and we had an explosive Saturday sessions.

God met us in Holland. He blew a trumpet and gathered His Bride. He dressed her and taught her His ways and now He is going to reveal her in the days ahead. It was a very good week.

No way to adequately describe it here obviously. But I will never forget it, it’s one of those moments when God touches a nation and we all knew it. I am so grateful for your prayers!!! You have sown into this nation and I pray God blesses and encourages your heart for standing with me, for praying for my family and for supporting us as well.