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North Omaha, NE

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On Sunday, January 7th, 2007, the 7 congregations that compose the “North Omaha Village” launched their Divine Experiment. The atmosphere was charged with energy and expectation about what the Lord is going to do as the village gathers in an increased measure in prayer, fasting, humility, repentance and giving. Because the leaders, the pastors and their wives, have already been on this journey for ten months, the launch gathered their congregations together and advanced them into a deeper place in the journey corporately.

I have had AIDS for some years now. When I went to the doctor last month there was still AIDS in my body. I went to the doctor today, the 11th day of the Divine Experiment, and they could not find the AIDS in my body! -C

Pastors Dennis and Deloris visited the home of a young lady joined the church 3 weeks ago. She had asked if they would come and minister to her family last week. When they arrived they found a houseful of people waiting expectantly for them and very excited they had come to minister to them! People were sitting everywhere, some were standing up. The pastor shared a word with them saying that “now is the time for salvation” and he continued by sharing the gospel with the household. The Holy Spirit began to minister to people and they responded with hunger. When he gave the invitation for salvation, many relatives who were backsliden came back to the Lord, and several others got saved for the first time! This entire household was saved! The next night they were invited over to another relative’s home where several new people were gathered again and another person was saved and some came to church that Sunday! -Dennis and Deloris

One man had a brother who was a Vietnam veteran and had suffered for many years with dibilitating flashbacks. He had been given so much medicine but nothing helped him. He was invited to one of the early morning prayer meetings where he was prayed for. He was delivered on the spot when he was prayed for! His whole countenance changed.and then testified to the people gathered to pray what a miracle they had just witnessed because he had suffered for almost 40 years. -Alvin –

My husband would often complain of my tone of voice I talked to him, especially when answering his questions. I decided to try to change, I thought I was but he still complained. On day four of the Divine Experiment, while reading and praying the Lord showed me that it was my unwillingness to share my life with my husband that was holding the door of my heart open for bitterness and resentment to come in and then out of me in my tone. I thank God for showing me this and I pray now for Him to help me make changes.

Upon reading the “Fire of Gods Presence”, I pray and long for Jesus to be lifted up and that people would be attracted by His presence only. As a congregation we are meeting down at the Church each evening as we follow the Divine Experiment. Prayer has been wonderful and we are really just beginning to enter prevailing and a little travailing. We cry out to God for our city and to draw by His Spirit. Monday 1/22/07 we were half way through our prayer time. We heard commotions outside the church doors and a knock on the window. I sent one of our deacons back to find out what was going on. When I looked up I saw a young boy come into the church and sit down in the back. We continued to pray and a few minutes later two other boys entered the church and sat down in the back. I felt led to keep on praying. I looked up again and the first boy that came in moved all the way up to the front row. He had his head bowed and was praying in his own way. After prayer I found out that the boys had been walking by the church the first boy was with his mother and he felt a strong urge to come into the church. The other two boys felt this also, so the mother allowed them to stay and pray. Afterward I called them up to the front and asked them if they knew Jesus. One of the boys said yes, and one said I go to church on Easter. The first boy who entered the church started looking at the mic. I ask him if he had something he wanted to say. He said yes, he took the mic and began to testify of all the times that God had keep him safe. One of the times was when they were playing outside with toy guns and the police came up to them and almost shot them. Each one of the boys told their stories and we rejoiced at the goodness of God. They we brought into the church because of the presence of God in the street as we prayed. God honored his word and as we lifted up Jesus, the boys were drawn into his presence, and began to tell of His goodness. The boys have been back one other time this week. Praise God. -Tyrome, Omaha

I praise God for the Divine Experiment. When I started the fast I tried to do one meal a day but because of medication I could not do it. So my pastor encouraged me to do the Daniel’s Fast. I’m glad I stayed on the Fast. On about the tenth day of the fast my sister stole my car. I was so mad at her I wanted to fight. But when she came back a day later, instead of fighting her when I saw her I grabbed her and hugged her. I told her how much I loved her despite what she did. Now I understand how God loved me in the middle of my sins and forgave me. -Charlene

My cousin’s son, who is about 7, went to Africa with his dad in December. His father forgot to give him some medication to keep him from getting malaria. By time he came home from the trip he was getting ill. He had a fever off and on, and one day he was so sick his mom rushed him to the emergency room. When his blood work came back, they said that he had malaria and they admitted him to the hospital. On the first day of The Divine Experiment our church had prayer and I asked the saints to pray for him. After we prayed, he was home within days. Now, he shows no signs of malaria and is running and playing as if he was never sick. –Shell

I work at Red Lobster, so you know it’s not easy to fast, but I still did. My church had a Watch from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. I was at the Watch from beginning to end. I never went to sleep. I just stayed before the Lord in prayer, praise and worship. I had to be at work at 7:00 am. So I left the Watch and went straight to work. At work my boss came up to me and told me that I was getting a raise. What’s so blessed about this is that this is my second raise in two months. Staying before the Lord on The Divine Experiment and in the Watch has been a blessing to me. -Cindy

Prior to the Divine Experiment, my appetite was out of control. I ate plenty of meat and junk food. My hands were stiff, achy and sometimes woke me in the middle of the night. At that time I would be unable to grasp things with my right hand. My gums were irritating me for months following a root canal in August 2006. Finally, my right leg was hurting me also. On the fifth day into The Divine Experiment I discovered no pain in my hands, gums or leg. I thank God for my healing! I thank Him for healing in my body everyday. I have changed my dietary lifestyle. I thank him for helping me put away the junk food, meat, sugar and refined foods as well. My appetite is not driving me now! It’s a miracle

Thank God for the first time in 15 years we set aside time to pray as a family with out the TV or any music being on. It allowed us to go to bed on time, leave the house on time, and to get to work on time. It feels great to spend time with God and help the kids understand what fasting is all about. -Pat

God used Sister Mary’s daughter to correct her about a situation this week. It was concerning her mouth how she needed to learn to listen before speaking so quickly. At first she couldn’t accept correction from her child, but after listening to the Lord and repenting and going to her daughter, asking for forgiveness, she had peace. This is all due to being in the presence of the Lord during this Divine Experiment. -Tyrome

It was during the prayer service that this testimony was given. A public confession was given about a state of pride and how God showed the person how she was not being honest with a friend. She had to first receive this correction from the Lord, and also repent and ask forgiveness from the person. The word was also spoken “GOD is able to release that person when they ask for forgiveness. -Tyrome

At the end of the prayer time today, Sister Deloris gave a testimony of how the cares of this world had just overwhelmed her this year of 2006. At times she felt all alone. The prayer and fasting this month has reaffirmed that the Presences of the Lord is still abiding in her spirit. God also has reminded her of a dream in which she was ministering to the very people we are praying and fasting for during this time, the drug addicted, prostitute and alcoholic. In seeking God there is suffering but it is for his righteousness was the word given to her. -Tyrome

On Friday, January 12 at the church we had a Watch of the Lord from 10:00 pm till 6:00am. This was a glorious time. This was the first Watch the church had (which will be every month). Prayer, worship and praise, communion, repentance and recommitting our selves went up before the Lord. The thing that was so great and unique about the Watch was that we were looking for God to come in and speak great thing to the whole congregation, but God spoke to us as individuals. He made it so personal and real. There was over 75 adults and children. -Marie