Amazing Highlights!

Amazing Highlights! 150 150 Fusion Norway

“I just want to say the prayers are working in Winchester. I worked four days this week and the call radio was silent! All the guys at work are shocked by the silent radio.” – Police officer, Winchester, Virginia “An 8-yr old boy came forward and prayed “Jesus forgive me for watching movies that give…

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Anderson, IN

Anderson, IN 150 150 Fusion Norway

After Monday night when surrendering to the Lord, He set me free on Day 2! Doors just started opening everywhere. I went I was truly clean inside and out. Pastor Robinson and I helped a husband and wife get off the streets. My wife and I praised God together. God is good! By the end…

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Arizona State University

Arizona State University 150 150 Fusion Norway

Over the past two months, we have experienced intense spiritual warfare at ASU, but extraordinary victories. The Lord has allowed us to begin to open and shut doors on the campus unlike anything we have experienced before. We have had united seasons of 24-hour prayer at Arizona State University since Fall 2005. In this last…

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Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, CA 150 150 Fusion Norway

I have experienced a new place of strength and stamina. God has truly drawn closer as I have met Him face to face. I testify, that on the first day of Face to Face, I had a great pain in the front of my head. But I knew it was an attack, to try to…

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Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, TX 640 361 Fusion Norway

My sister had a heart attack two days before the 21 Days of Prayer. The Doctor’s asked if she had high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. She said NO! The Doctor’s did not know how to explain the reason for the heart attack. I know that the enemy was mad, because there was going…

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Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH 150 150 Fusion Norway

As we met with our home church as a whole on Saturday night, we did FACE TO FACE together and it continued and flowed into the whole group bringing healing of relationships. Why is this breakthrough? Since October, 2013, our once home church group of 17 families dwindled down to 10 families as of Jan…

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Council Bluffs, IA

Council Bluffs, IA 150 150 Fusion Norway

The Divine Experiment launched in Council Bluffs on January 7th! You could feel both the anticipation and the sobriety as you entered into the sanctuary where several hundred believers had gathered together! Each pastor shared his heart and expectation of why they were abandoning themselves to this process and how the Lord had already knit…

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Evansville, IN

Evansville, IN 150 150 Fusion Norway

As we were preparing the sanctuary earlier that day I could sense the presence of God already in the building. That evening the leaders met in the prayer room prior to service to get our minds focused on His presence. There was a sense of uncertainty yet anticipation as we left the prayer room, then…

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Huron, SD

Huron, SD 150 150 Fusion Norway

I am so amazed that my God who knows my heart better than I and still loves me and sees redeeming qualities has granted me peace, deep abiding peace in the midst of tribulation.  I have never in my life felt this peace quite like this until this week. I have felt an increased desire…

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA 640 480 Fusion Norway

I’m not watching TV and eating like I used to. I thank God for all the things he is doing for me. I use to eat a lot and fight with my wife all the time, when she would tell me to read the bible we would fight now I realize that I didn’t know…

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