Consecration in Washington D.C. – October 2012

Consecration in Washington D.C. – October 2012

Consecration in Washington D.C. – October 2012 1280 382 Fusion Norway

Almost 400 people and their families from 7 congregations/ministries participated in the first “Face to Face” consecration process in the heart of Washington D.C. in the weeks leading up to the election. They were hungry for God and desperate for a return of His presence to the church! The Lord moved powerfully as people humbled themselves and prayed, repented for their sins and cried out to the Lord together.

A couple testimonies:

  • An 8-yr old boy came forward and prayed “Jesus forgive me for watching movies that give me nightmares please take away my nightmares”. On the final night he brought a plastic bag to the altar filled with movies that had given him nightmares and said “I’m giving them to Jesus”.
  • A man who had just been released from prison after 8 years walked past the church the first week of the prayer meetings. A couple coming to service invited him to come in. He came in, walked down the aisle, faced the cross and began to talk to Jesus saying “I’m not a Christian and I don’t know how to pray but I need Your help. I want you to help me.” He gave his heart to the Lord that night.
  • One night, two ladies, both blind took the Metro to come to the prayer meeting. They met a woman on their way and convinced her to join them! She came to the meeting and gave her heart back to Jesus! She stood in front of the cross and said “Lord, I’ve heard about the ‘blind leading the blind’ but here I am!  She rededicated her heart to the Lord!

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