Weslaco, TX

Weslaco, TX

Weslaco, TX 150 150 Fusion Ministries

“I just want to give all the glory to God for the healing of my foot. I had been having a lot of pain on the bottom of my foot. I went to the hospital a couple of nights ago, and when I arrived I saw that it was very puffed up. I returned home and my mother-in-law suggested I go to the Dr. the next morning unless Jesus wanted to heal me. With a lot of faith, I said, “He just did!” When I woke up the next morning I was absolutely healed with no pain at all. Praise God!”
– Christopher (Faith Church)

“Day 1: the Lord showed me that I was not trusting in Him with all of my heart and that I just wanted to trust in my own way. God gave me Proverbs 3:5

“Day 4: The Lord showed me that my mind was being polluted with wrong things, gossiping and it was full of unrighteousness. I had asked for forgiveness for these things. I was feeling really shameful and having ungodly thoughts. The Lord gave me the following Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 10:5; I Peter 2:1; Romans 8:10 & 12:2. At first I was afraid to look them up, but they were very reassuring about what I need to do. Praise God!”
– Jenilee (Mid-River Christian Centre)

“The consecration has been deeper and more meaningful than ever in my life. Feeling the Spirit of Christ filling my mind and soul is beautiful and more than I ever could’ve imagined. I will be new forever with Christ.”
– Tony (Healing Rooms)

“I publicly humbled myself and repented of being proud of my ethnic origin. My relatives have a reputation for being hard workers and getting things done. I know in the Scriptures that Mary chose the better way, sitting at the feet of Jesus. After I prayed, I had a vision of a circular brick tower and I knew it had surrounded me. I saw the entire wall crumbling down at the same time; like it was just collapsing. I also felt like things were crumbling inside of me.  I knew I had struggled with this stronghold a long time.”
– Mary (Mid-River Christian Centre)

January 22

The three churches gathered at 7:00pm at the Mid-River building. About 85 people were present. Pastor Jose, Pastor Vernon, and Pastor Art all spoke. We were very honored that Rhonda Hughey was able to be with us for the launch of our 21-day “Face to Face” with God to prepare ourselves for the transformation of our community. Everyone was very pleased with the number of people ready to commit to this serious endeavor of preparing a place where the Manifest Spirit of God will want come and abide.

January 23

“Again we were pleased. About half of the people returned to begin the actual process of humbling ourselves. We worshipped about ten minutes, then we were quiet before God, and then the mike was available for anyone who wanted to pray publicly. We were only praying about humbling ourselves, emptying ourselves of all our willfulness. The prayers were moving and sincere. People repented of being too pushy, of ethnic pride, of making their own plans instead of seeking God, of thinking they had he best church and for general selfishness, especially husbands and wives. Mary had a vision of a circular brick tower crumbling when she repented of ethnic pride. She knew the brick tower that had surrounded actually controlled her.” 

“Charles had a vision of a beautiful and valuable race horse but suddenly it had a broken leg which rendered it useless. He knew God was telling him that he had many gifts but if he didn’t put God first he could become useless.”

“Mari H’s testimony was that she had a wonderful prayer time at home and for the first time in weeks she was pain free the entire day… A huge deal!”

January 25
“We had a wonderful time of prayer with 65 in attendance saying prayers of humility and concerned with submitting to God’s will and plan. We were all amazed how quickly the hour passed! Pastor Vernon closed with the scripture of Jesus telling His disciples, “…for this hour I have come”.  We believe that applies to us; this is the place and the hour we were created to be here.”

“Ada has had months of real difficulty. Discouraged also that she was not hearing the Lord’s voice. Tonight she heard God speak to her. For Ada, truly a ‘face to face’!”  

“We all marveled that for each little bit of ourselves we emptied, the Holy Spirit immediately filled up that little space.”

January 26

“Tonight was a sweet night. There were people who prayed that had never prayed aloud before.”

“There was a great testimony from Mary. During the day she was cleaning her kitchen when a song on the Christian radio station moved her. ‘You are speaking to me Lord’. She went to her living room, fell on her knees and began worshiping the Lord.”

January 29
“This was our final night of humility. We were all aware of how different our outlook on life is after this week of humbling ourselves. Pride is such an insidious invader..!” 

“Tonight Pastor Bruno has us gather in groups of 2 or 3 to pray. This was very effective because people confessed things they didn’t feel free to share with the whole group.”

“There have also been good reports about fasting from social media. Without the constant ingesting of all the secular news and opinions, people are experiencing a clarity in their spirit and an ability to hear from the Holy Spirit (i.e. pray this, counsel that, or visit this person).”