The Power of Praying Children!

Testimonies of Praying Children

Justice for Sonia and Josue!

Sonia and JosueMonday February 6th, the day of the first consecration launch in Juarez, one of the leaders at  the orphanage was attacked by masked gunman who turned out to be the police. When she drove away the police open fire with automatic weapons firing 30 rounds of ammunition into the car. Her son was shot several times. After her son, Josue was taken by ambulance to a hospital, Sonia was arrested and accused of trying to kill the officers. In Mexico you are guilty until you can prove innocence which of course she couldn’t because the four policeman that attacked her were lying…here is the story:

Sonia talking in cameras“Yesterday evening Sonia, the vice principal of Isaac Newton Academy, and her son, Josue, were parked in a neighborhood  waiting to pick someone up. Sonia was approached by masked men she saw as dangerous so she took off. The men shot at the car and little Josue was hit by two bullets. Little Josue needs prayer – was hit in both hands because he had them on his head trying to protect himself. He has lost part of his left thumb and has a pin in his right index finger. Much of the tissue in that finger was destroyed. He was also hit in his hip and the bullet fragmented and perforated his colon and his bladder. He is in intensive care after two surgeries.Sonia needs prayer – this is very complicated so bear with me. From WHAT WE KNOW RIGHT NOW AND THAT COULD CHANGE— Sonia fled in her car trying to avoid these masked men. We now know that they were municipal police. They have filed charges against her of attempted homicide because they say she tried to run down an officer. They have turned her over to the federal police. Betel and an attorney are working at trying to see her and a hearing is supposed to happen this morning.”

Rhonda with JosueAfter much prayer and protest by those who know Sonja, the next day  Lord BROKE IN and intervened!  The cover of the El Paso Times has the story. She was released! AND the plot to cover was REVEALED! AND the POLICE are now in JAIL!!! JUSTICE! This is a miracle in Juarez. Here is a note of thanks from Adam at the orphanage and the article….

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On a recent trip to El Paso, I had the privilege of meeting Sonia and Josue. It was such a joy to meet them and pray with them. She wanted to share a personal “thank you” videoclip for all the people who prayed for her and Josue after the attack. Sonja and Josue have become a picture of justice now in the city of Juarez. Josue is doing well and healing quickly. He is an amazing boy with a huge smile, big dimples and sweet spirit!


Deliverance for the School Principal at the Orphanage!

Joel hugging childrenThe principal of our elementary school was kidnapped at gunpoint as he left the children’s home in the middle of the day. Other staff members witnessed it and we immediately started gathering the children to pray. We cancelled everything and the children filled the room where we would gather to seek God regularly to pray. They also wrote prayers and promises from the Bible across the mirrors in that room. The captors were demanding about 2 million dollars and threatened to kidnap others or worse if we did not present the money. We could have called upon our support base and perhaps raised enough for them to settle. However, we were stuck between giving something and having him return alive or refuse any payment so that future staff members would not be threatened in the future. The principal’s son sat down with his grandfather who happens to be the founder of the ministry, father-in-law to the man who was kidnapped. They sat down in front of the gate of their house, and he pointed to the gate and told the boy that we will have faith that without a doubt God will bring his dad walking through that gate back home. As the captors continued to call and demand the money the next day, the children and staff continued to fill the prayer room pouring out their prayers for deliverance.

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It became late and the children began to get ready for bed, but then we received the final phone call from the captors. They stated that “they made a mistake” and that they were sending him back home in a taxi. The children were waiting outside with signs welcoming him back home and his family and two children waiting next to the gate to the house. Only a matter of minutes after the phone call, he pulled up in a taxi and walked into that gate where his family embraced him, unharmed and without paying a single penny to the captors.


Healing for a Little Girl!

Girl who fell and was healedA little girl was brought to us from Child Protective Services, and not very long after she came, a horrible accident happened to her. She was playing on the gate at the top of the stairs on a balcony outside and somehow managed to swing herself over the railing, falling an entire floor to the cement below. She was breathing but unresponsive and we feared damage to her brain. She was rushed to the hospital where she continued to show signs of brain damage and the doctors said that even if she did live, she would need extensive therapy to be able to even have a chance of functioning normal again. The children were horrified at the thought of one of them dying, and they gathered to hold hands and each took turns crying out to God for her healing. Later that night we learned that about the same time we must have been praying, that the little girl suddenly sat up in her hospital bed, saying that she was hungry and to get all the tubs and wires off of her. The doctors ran tests to check for brain damage and she was perfectly fine, being able to come back to the home the next day. We modified all of the railing on the second floor to prevent this type of accident, but we are also thankful that God allowed us to see such a miracle and that He would have such mercy on us.