Transformation News Reports

February 8, 2013 “There are U.S. cities that are more violent than Juárez” – El Paso Times – After previously being classified as the most violent city in the world, Juárez (now ranked #19) has again eluded that title as the number of homicides dipped last year. The citizens council for public security ranked New Orleans as the 17th place in the list of most violent cities in the world…

May 12, 2012 “Murders Fall 75% in Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez” –Latin American Herald Tribune  – (LAS CRUCES, NM) – Representatives of the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) scouted out downtown Ciudad Juarez last week in anticipation of a possible loan package. The tour was promoted by the Chihuahua state and Ciudad Juarez municipal governments as part of a $50 million investment drive to revive the Mexican border city’s long decaying downtown core.

March 22, 2012 “Is Ciudad Juarez Turning Around?” – Salem News – (LAS CRUCES, NM) – More than four years after a so-called narco war exploded and then devastated Ciudad Juarez, a different atmosphere is perceptible on the streets of the border city. While still very high by historic standards, the rate of murders is way down from the height of the killing two years ago. Some restaurants are doing a brisk business, and locals are reviving the once-famed night life in the Avenida Juarez and Pronaf districts. Smiles come quicker and last longer.

July 14, 2012 “Juarez slayings decreased 59.8% first half 2012” – El Paso Times – JUAREZ — Evidence continues to mount that the violence that has held this city in a tight grip since 2008 is beginning to loosen — though no one is ready to say that Juárez has been reborn.

August 20, 2012 “In Mexico’s murder city, the war appears over” – Washington Post – CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — When this city was among the most murderous in the world, the morgue ran out of room, the corpses stacked to the ceiling in the wheezing walk-in freezers.

August 27, 2012 “Why Is Mexico’s Murder City Attracting Investors” – Forbes – Heading south from El Paso over the smooth, cement Saragosa Bridge, Mary Korthuis, a senior executive at Genpact, an outsourcing company, drove towards her office in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico- a place that until very recently was considered to be the world’s most violent city.

God and Drug Cartels: Saving the Souls of Child Hitmen, Addicts –, January 30, 2012Monterrey – a city of 4 million, two and a half hours south of the U.S. border – is a Mexican financial and industrial powerhouse. It’s also the place where the Zetas crime syndicate burned to death 52 innocent people in a casino fire last year to avenge the casino owner’s refusal to pay them protection money.

Mexico Drug Cartels in Regions Steeped in Witchcraft, Demonic Influence –, February 3, 2012 – Mexico’s epidemic of violence first erupted in 2006, according to most accounts. But an ex-Muslim from India, who serves as a Christian pastor along the Texas-Mexican border, believes the problem began much earlier, with human sacrifice, witches, and the adoration of death in ancient Aztec days.

Untold Missions Story: Mexico Drug Violence Driving People to Jesus Christ –, February 16, 2012
When missionaries and pastors serving in Mexico discuss drug violence, a common theme emerges. People are suffering and dying in terrible ways, they say, but the fear this creates is driving unprecedented numbers of Mexicans – especially teens and twenty-somethings – into the arms of Christ.

Mexican Drug Dealer Turned Evangelist: I Saw Satan in the Drugs –, February 5, 2012There are three ways to join the drug cartels – by choice, by force, or in spirit. Thousands freely choose to work for the half dozen or so major drug cartels in Mexico and for the hundreds of smaller, independent drug gangs because it’s their only chance to get rich – or simply make a living. Many others are recruited at the point of a gun, knowing that to refuse is to die.

Police catch suspect in 75 killings in northern Mexico for Zetas drug cartel – FoxNews, January 30, 2012MONTERREY, Mexico – Police in northern Mexico have captured an alleged member of the Zetas drug gang who confessed to killing at least 75 people, including many who were pulled off of buses, authorities said Monday.Enrique Elizondo Flores told investigators 36 of his victims were bus passengers traveling through the town of Cerralvo, near the border with Texas, said Nuevo Leon state security spokesman Jorge Domene.Elizondo was detained Jan. 20 in the town of Salinas Victoria, but authorities delayed announcing his arrest so they could verify details of his confession, said Nuevo Leon state Attorney General Adrian de la Garza…