Juarez Mexico

Juarez Mexico

Juarez Mexico 150 150 Fusion Ministries

The Lord is moving in powerful ways along the border and inside Mexico. He has been highlighting this area to many ministries because of His great concern and compassion for the desperate situation of the people and communities. Houses of prayer are springing up along the border! People are praying in many places asking God to bring revival!

During the time when many are fleeing Mexican border cities due to the cartel violence, God is raising up His people to stand in the gap and become “watchmen on the wall”. God has a glorious plan of redemption for those living under the intimidation of violence – His light is breaking in on the darkness!

In 2012, thousands of believers in Juarez participated in our “Face to Face” consecration with dramatic and miraculous response from heaven. He has unified a praying people and established a spiritual family out of the fear and desperation, bringing a vision of hope and transformation to the city and it’s people.

Within 3 months the atmosphere of the city began to change, cartel activity slowed and crime rates dropped. Within 6 months the murder rate plummeted by 59.8%! The crime rate by 75%! The economy is rebounding, and life has returned to the city – all reported by secular media sources including the Washington Post, Forbes, CNN, etc.

God has done amazing things in this city but there is a lot of work left to do! Transformation fruit doesn’t mean a city no longer has problems but rather that God has so dramatically impacted the community and people that it’s reputation and identity are changed. We are beginning to see that in Juarez but realize this is just the beginning of a long-term process.